Why You Should Use Organic Soap Bars

The amount of people choosing pure products is increasing greatly every year and for good reason; they are better for your well being and the planet. One of the trends increasing the most around the “organic living” community is the use of natural bar soap. Below I am going to talk about some of the logic behind why using natural bar soap is wonderful for you and your household.

Part of the Health Movement

In recent years there has been a movement for healthy eating around the world so a lot more people are switching towards pure foods. This health movement has expanded into utilizing pure products on your skin and around your house also. Therefore, natural bar soap and other natural cleaning solutions have obtained loads of popularity now that consumers are realizing their advantages.

Organic SoapBecause truly natural bar soaps only use organic ingredients, they’re better for your skin, great for the ecosystem, and just plain healthier overall. Furthermore, the majority of the all-natural soap bars are scented from their ingredients so they smell great, and are naturally colored in the process. Lots of foods possess amazing aromas that they will add to the soap, for instance coconuts and oranges, and these are usually used when producing pure soap.

Why Organic Soap Is Good For the Skin

However, there’s no doubt that the major selling factor for pure bar soaps is that they are fantastic for your skin. The pure ingredients used to produce them are also precisely what provide them with an awesome lather and natural moisturizing properties. Furthermore, they go through a natural soap making method so they keep all of their glycerin, which is typically extracted from typical commercial soap. Glycerin is a particularly good moisturizer so that gives natural soap another advantage from the start. Another natural product with superior moisturizing abilities is organic lip balm.

Organic soaps may also contain another ingredient called Bentonite clay. This is an ingredient that increases the amount of lather produced in the soap. It is also a natural detoxifier and it works by binding with the toxins from the body before it is washed away.

The skin is porous and absobent so whenever products that contain harmful chemicals are applied to it they can be drawn straight into the body. Rather than introducing the many chemicals that are contained in commercial soaps you could be using the natural products contained in the organic equivalent.

Organic Soaps For Exfoliation

Yet another excellent thing regarding these natural soaps is that often times they’ve got natural exfoliation properties. The types of soaps that we are talking about here contain ingredients such as oats, walnut shell and rice bran. A little bit of gritty material, when combined with the lather of the soap will gently remove dead skin cells to leave clean rejuvenated skin exposed to the world.

In reality, lots of luxurious spas utilize various kinds of organic soaps as part of their relaxing spa treatments. When you have your own at home, you can spoil your skin every day similar to the way a spa would, but without the substantial expenses.

You should also keep in mind that the vast majority of commercially manufactured bar soap contains artificial lathering agents, artificial colors, and a whole heap of chemicals most people cannot even pronounce. Most of the anti-bacterial and antimicrobial soaps contain triclosan, which is a toxic chemical known to cause cancer. Skin is actually porous and absorbent thus it soaks in whatever comes in contact with it. Permanent use of those cleansers full of toxins can cause your body to store them and you really don’t want all those chemicals inside your system!

Furthermore, those severe chemicals and toxins wind up finding their way into our environment. Every time that lather washes down the drain, the toxins are going with it into the eco-system. Therefore, organic, all-natural, homemade soap is a much better alternative to use for a lot of reasons.

A handmade natural organic soap is not only going to be appreciated by your body but also by the planet. It only takes a single sampling of the luxurious feeling of lathering up an organic bar of soap to appreciate the substantial difference which is very likely going to prompt a switch for life.

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