What Does Revolution Do To Fleas?

For anyone who was wondering what Revolution does for your pets and whether it is effective there are some answers. Firstly, Revolution is a treatment that can be used on cats and dogs to protect against fleas and heartworm disease. It can be used against all types of parasites such as ear mites, hookworm and roundworm.

It is a medication that is applied to the skin and the results are very impressive. People who have used Revolution for years will attest to the fact that as a way of controlling fleas it is particularly effective. The fact that it can also be used against other unwelcome guests is a bonus.

Something to remember about Revolution is that it has a use by date. One can only assume that it is not as reliable a deterrent after the quoted date has passed.

You can buy the Revolution treatment for a set period of time. The recommendation on the box is to repeat the dose each month to reinforce the effectiveness of the treatment. With so many different activities taking place in a cat’s life the chances are that the treatment will wear off reasonably quickly. When it is time to replenish the treatment make sure you do it without fail.

So what does revolution do to fleas to make it an effective treatment? It kills adult fleas and it also prevents the eggs from hatching. While the first part of the process is important in a flea controller, the second, the prevention of flea eggs from hatching is crucial if you are going to break the cycle of fleas showing up again after a treatment.

All you need to do is apply it in front of the shoulder each month and the treatment has been completed. It is quick and easy, it doesn’t smell and it is waterfast. It works by entering the bloodstream through the skin and attacks the intestinal parasites and is also there when blood is sucked by the external parasites.

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