We Could Soon Steal A Cyber Kiss

I seem to be having “now I’ve seen everything” moments more and more frequently these days – must be my advancing years – but once again a news story has prompted me to shake my head and mutter “well, now I’ve seen everything”.

The story is about the new invention coming out of Japan that allows people to make out over the Internet. That’s right, it is soon going to be possible to share an Internet kiss with someone thousands of miles away – or even someone who died years ago.

The dudes (nerds?) at Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications have come up with the first stages of a machine that can replicate a kiss over the Internet. The way it works is you have a box with a straw-like device that you move around with your tongue. At the other end the person you’re “kissing” gets a straw moving around in their mouth too. Apparently that sensation satisfies the requirements for a kiss.

So not only can we now initiate relationships over the Internet without actually meeting our prospective partner face to face we could be well on our way to becoming intimate with them…also without actually meeting them face to face.

It’s an increasingly weird and wonderful world we are living in. I suppose when nerds start to get a little lonely they’ll turn to just about any technology as a way of satisfying themselves in a bid to prove to the rest of us that they can enjoy a normal relationship just like everyone else.

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