Visiting Melbourne

One of the big disappointments in my life is my failure to travel to the city of Melbourne nearly often enough. I’m a born and bred New South Welshman and although I have visited many towns and cities in my own state, I have rarely visited the southern capital.

The fact that I am an AFL fan and should really make a point of visiting what is considered to be the most impressive stadium in Australia only reiterates the point that I have really missed out. Watching football or cricket in such surroundings would truly be a memorable experience and something that I must make a point of doing soon.

Not only is there the sporting attractions that would make the trip worthwhile but, from all accounts, the dining is not to be sneezed at either. I’m well aware that there is plenty of good Italian food in Carlton where the pubs and restaurants are pretty special. Alternatively, heading into the dining strip on Fitzroy St in St Kilda would also provide a wonderful array of choices.

Although it’s not really my cup of tea, the fashion stores around Melbourne also hold a lot of attraction and provides those looking to do some serious shopping with some of the finest choices available in the country.

What does hold my attention is the wine region of Victoria and the proximity of the Yarra Valley to the city. This is one of the finest wine regions in the country, one of a number around Melbourne and would certainly provide another feature of the city that would be within reach as a day trip.

The more I think about it, the more reasons I can find for wanting to make my next holiday a trip to Melbourne. With plenty of affordable accommodation, quaint pubs and hotels dotted throughout the city and much to see and do, I am sure the itinerary will be filled every day.

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