Using Slatwall Panels

When there are great needs for displays and storage you can be sure that a lot of people will be working on ways to maximize both. Retail stores are all dependent on the ability to get their products in front of the eyes of their customers and the best way to do that, for those customers who have walked into the store, is to have the products on display in one form or another.

If the store looks cluttered and it is difficult for the customer to actually find what they are looking for the chances are that the potential customer will simply move on to the next store. So what has been invaluable to many retailers is a display system that is quick to install, easy to use and cheap to operate. The answer is slat wall (or slatwall) panels.

These slatwall panels are simply grooved or slotted panels that can be installed over the top of the existing walls of a store. The slots make it possible to clip accessories such as hangers, hooks, display bins, containers or baskets into place. These accessories are essentially your display hardware and they have been designed to maximize the space available while also providing the greatest level of display possible.

Slatwall panels and the slatwall accessories that you can use with them provide you with a great space saving device. They help to keep the displays looking orderly and, due to the great range of sizes and shapes of hangers and other containers, they allow you to store all kinds of oddly shaped objects without any real inconvenience.

These panels and accessories were originally designed for use in stores and retail situations but, of course, they are extremely popular for use at home as well. A garage that has had slatwall panels hung around the walls will be a far more organised space. Using slatwall containers will enable you to store all of those small bits and pieces such as nails, screws, nuts and bolts that inevitably go missing or can be difficult to find.

Keeping tools undamaged or unscratched is made far more simple by being able to hang them or store them on the walls and they will always be easily located using slatwall panels.

Moving inside, these panels and accessories would be very useful in keeping the home office neat and tidy. Shelves, baskets and storage bins placed above the desk will enable pens, paper clips, papers, disks and other paraphernalia to be kept close at hand but in an orderly manner too. It should prove very useful in increasing productivity.

Fortunately these panels can be found at hardware stores and specialist supply stores for prices that are not unreasonable. Also, it is possible to buy them second hand from when stores have gone out of business or have refurbished and no longer require their old slatwall panels. Look for them online at auction sites or at wholesale building material clearance sites.

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