Try To Decorate With Restraint

When you take a look around the main living areas of your home you may be surprised to discover the actual amount of decorative items that have been gathered and displayed. When putting together a room, many times, it happens rather organically and grows along with you. As you find an object that appeals to your taste you may choose to buy it, only to discover that when you get home it doesn’t really fit where you had imagined it would go. Ultimately, the decorative items that we use and the place they are displayed may be moved around with a great deal of frequency until we find the perfect combination of style and space.

Smaller items that also have functional value such as table lamps and decorative bookends may be something of an exception to this rule. Although many of them are purely decorative items, the fact that they provide more value than merely looking good means that there is really only a single spot they can be placed.

Bookends, for example, are only going to perform when they are placed at either end of a row of books. They come in pairs, often matching pairs, and they are designed to play a protective role over your books. While you might choose to place them on an end table as a small display item, particularly if you own something more valuable such as Roseville pottery bookends. The chances are they will look out of place and should be moved back to play their primary role.

Table lamps are another small piece of furniture that is valuable for the source of illumination they provide. Many designers have created decorative lamps that will add interest to a room and will look appropriate when occupying a small table somewhere in the room. Being able to use a table lamp when light is required at a low level is very important and it is even more important that the light is coming from a part of the room where it will provide the most use. Again, placing it in the room as a decorative object is all very fine but you should also make the most of its functionality too.

There are a number of ways in which the decorative objects in your room can be used for more functional purposes. Pottery vases and bowls will serve perfectly as vessels to hold dried flower arrangements and many people like to show off their decorative plates, cups and saucers. naturally, this would probably not apply if you were a collector of fine art pottery such as Rookwood, Roseville, Weller, Van Briggle or Grueby. One couldn’t imagine doing anything to risk chipping or otherwise damaging such valuable pieces of art.

Keeping the entire room in order is an important aspect to consider when trying to form a cohesive decorative display. Although we would all like to place every beautiful object we have ever admired into our home, sometimes it is better to hold back and decorate with restraint.

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