The Article Post Dilemma

The question of where you should publish your content seems to be one of the biggest conundrums faced by online marketers. It all depends on who you talk to as to what method is the most effective, too. For those who are dedicated to building a huge portfolio of sites or who can crank out the content by the thousands of words, it won’t matter terribly much which method you choose.

Then there are those who have a little bit more trouble in squeezing out an article for the purpose of picking up an all-important link. They write the article and are then faced with the perplexing decision of where it should be posted.

There are many, many article directories sitting on the net these days. Some of them are dodgy as hell, others are legitimate but it may take months before your article is approved and published and others still might publish your article immediately but in 6 months time the site might have shut down. You just can’t tell.

Of course, there is but after you’ve submitted 5 or 6 articles to the site the laws of diminishing returns will start to kick in and the value of each link will be much lower. Then again, at least you can be sure that the article is published and you’ll be getting the value of coming from the largest and most reliable article directory around.

Sending Links to the Articles

If you take a look at some of the smaller article directories such as those that have been created with Article Friendly, you will notice that very few of the articles have actually been indexed in Google. One directory I checked boasts that there are 119,174 articles published but when I checked the number of pages indexed in Google the search returned only 455 pages.

You don’t need me to tell you that that’s a pretty piss-poor index rate.

You can increase your chances of having your article indexed by sending links to it after it has been published. There are a number of different ways to build fast links for the purpose of getting a post indexed.

This is different to trying to get your article ranked high in the search engines and is definitely something you should be doing. Let’s face it, if you write 100 articles and post them to 100 different article directories but only 10 wind up getting indexed, that a helluva lot of work that has been done for nothing. If you could increase the index rate to over 50% just by sending 5 or 6 low quality links to the article why wouldn’t you do it?

Brief Experiment

So I will conduct a brief experiment on the aforementioned article directory. I will submit two articles to the directory and wait for them to be approved. Once they have both been approved I will send links to one of them and leave the other alone. I want to see if one, none or both of the articles are indexed in Google 1 month after submission.

As long as the articles actually get published (not a foregone conclusion) and I remember to come back and check them this should prove to be a very worthwhile little experiment.

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