Sensible Portable Air Conditioners

When the sun turns up the thermostat outdoors during those blazing summer months, it’s no fun having to endure sweltering heat indoors too. Luckily, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. There are several air cooling solutions that can make a huge difference to the indoor temperature.

The choice is ultimately yours and will be determined by your state of finances and budget. But you can opt for a large, whole house HVAC solution that may be the most comprehensive for you, or choose a cheaper solution in portable units for each room. Naturally, the smaller units are cheaper to buy and to run when you use them sensibly.

The Cost Factor

You can’t beat saving money on power bills at any time of the year and summer is one time when they can really get out of hand if you have to run a big, whole house air conditioning system to keep you and your family cool. If on the other hand you have a small home or apartment and live alone or as a couple, it makes a lot of sense to avoid the big systems and opt instead for a smaller, cheaper portable air conditioner.

These great little units can keep a room cool for a fraction of the running cost of a big system and the beauty of them is that they can simply be moved from room to room as you move. If you live alone, you can only occupy one room at a time, so why would you want to waste money on paying to cool other rooms in the home that you are not occupying?

Economy Air Conditioning

The smart money is on the most cost effective solution for your own home. If it’s within your budget to install a whole house system that will be used and enjoyed by all family members, then this is the option for you.

On the other hand, if you would not really benefit from cooling all your rooms with many of them remaining unoccupied most of the time, then you’d be wasting money on a large system, whereas a more economical option like individual portable air conditioning units (see here for more details: would be for you.

Cost is a mitigating factor in most people’s choices of air cooling these days, especially as power costs keep rising. So before you go ahead and sign your budget away for a whole home installation of air conditioning, take a closer look at the portable option and weight up the costs!

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