Motivate Yourself To Work Every Day

Something that those who are attempting to earn money through online projects is that any website can make you money. While this may give people cause for celebration and excitement there are two caveats to mention.

The first is that some (most?) websites won’t earn you a lot of money. The second is that those that do earn you a lot of money are going to be the result of a lot of hard work. It will also be the result of a lot of time too, particularly if it is a site that is going to continue to earn a lot of money years down the track.

Just like the buildings with the most solid foundations are going to withstand the greatest challenges such as earthquakes, hurricanes and powerful storms, so is the website that has been given the strongest foundation.

If you have poured thousands and thousands of words that amount to good solid content into your website over time it will become stronger and more powerful. In the eyes of the various search engines it will become a site that is reliable and can be classed as an authority site in whatever category content is consistently posted.

I have seen it time and time again with my own sites and often it has come after I have moved onto another project following the discouragement of seemingly not getting any results from all of the effort I have put in. This is an important point that I need to learn for myself, let alone others paying attention and following the advice. Never give up.

There is a simple roadmap to success to follow when building a website that you hope will earn you a little bit of cash. It’s simple in concept but very difficult in practice, depending on your discipline and your preparedness to work hard every day.

Step Away and Refresh Your Perspective

Sometimes it is in your best interests to step away from your site for a few days or weeks just to refresh your sense of perspective. When you become particularly close to a project you run the risk of becoming stale and fail to grasp any potential new opportunities that may be lurking just out of sight.

I’ve found that I have come up with some of the best ideas for my website by simply stepping back and taking a good hard look at it from the perspective of a visitor. For so long I look at the site as an owner and concentrate on adding content. I jump into the back end of the site and add another article, then another and another knowing I am building the site to make it more powerful than ever. But this can mean that it is becoming too unwieldy and difficult to navigate. By checking how the site looks from the front it has occasionally dawned on me that I have made it particularly difficult for the visitor to find anything. I might have the greatest content in the world but if a visitor can’t easily get from one page to the next they are going to quickly move on without finding what I might have provided.

When contemplating my sites I can sometimes come up with a new way of navigating the site which might lead to a new way of presenting the data. By getting a little creative it can also lead to building something that doesn’t exist anywhere else online and suddenly you have become the authority for a certain sub-niche.

It can be amazing just how lucrative these sub-niches become. Suddenly you’re ranking for a keyword that you never dreamed existed, nor that it would bring in so much search traffic. The reaction should be to find out as much as you can about this particular sub-niche and add another post about it, building your authority for it and cementing yourself firmly in the top spot.

Let the Search Results Guide You

This brings up one of the most effective methods of building up visitor numbers but one of the methods that is least utilized. The Google search engine is a powerful beast but it can also be a little ornery. You’re not necessarily going to rank for a keyword that you have laser targeted no matter how hard you work. But you are going to rank for many, many other keywords, most of which you weren’t intending to target.

Take notice of what Google wants to rank your site for and go with it. If the search engines throw up a keyword, embrace it and work it hard with even more content. You’re effectively using the search engine as a keyword discovery tool and, truth be told, this is the most effective keyword tool you can use.

Consistent Work

Once you get into the groove of working on your websites you will have cleared one of the biggest hurdles to success. The hardest thing a lot of people find is maintaining the motivation to come back every day and add more content to their sites.

A major key in the way a site performs is the consistency of the addition of content. One of my most successful sites enjoys almost instant indexing and high ranking because I’ve spent an extraordinarily long time posting to it day after day. It may become disheartening and you can start to doubt the point of adding more content every day but consistent work works. You will be astounded with the performance of your site if you feed it with good and useful content every day.

Try it. What have you got to lose? Even if you think it is not doing your site any good you will be building the content up and expanding the potential keywords that can be used to find your site.

The old adage that is bandied around so much it seems like a tired cliché is “it’s a numbers game”. As tired as it sounds, it is completely true.

But you can use those numbers to start to attract the segments that are going to buy something or click on something that will eventually result in some income for you. Studying your stats will help you understand what is most likely going to boost your earnings and then you can try to repeat it as many times as possible.

The creation of content and taking notice of my stats has consistently led to increased earnings for me. The difficult part is finding the motivation to continue to repeat the success every day, and that’s why many people fail to make money online.

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