Hunting Gear Essentials

There is a lot of talk these days of an increasing amount of equipment for hunting that is being considered as essential. While the only real essential equipment that we should have with us is a rifle if we are rifle hunting or a compound bow if we are bow hunting, the reality is that we are going to need considerably more equipment than that.

The well-equipped hunter is going to ensure that not only is there going to be a complete selection of equipment packed but there is also going to be some backup items in case of damaged components or dead batteries.

Start With the Essentials

The essentials are easy, they will include your primary weapon for starters. This may be a rifle, crossbow or a compound bow. Second will be the clothes that you are going to wear.

The type of equipment that is going to be considered as the primary pieces in the pack include the daypack itself, ammunition (bullets or arrows), optical components such as rifle scopes, bow sights, rangefinder and a pair of binoculars. It will also be very important to carry a small powerful flashlight as well.

Take Hunting Clothes For All Conditions

Hunting apparel is also important but most seasoned hunters are going to carry a full complement of gear that they might wear on every expedition. Jacket, pants, vest and shirt as well as a hat and gloves are all going to be part of the essential items to pack. Cold weather and warmer weather should both be covered with the layered approach the best to take.

The boots that you wear are an absolutely vital part of your equipment. They must be worn in before you take them out into the field, they should provide good support and they should start out clean and dry. The last thing you want is to be distracted by new boots that are causing blisters or don’t fit properly. Wear woollen socks plus a pair of liner socks and then ensure you have a spare pair of socks in the pack in case your original pair gets wet.

Don’t Forget Your Stomach

A day out in the field is long and it can be uncomfortable. It is also going to make you thirsty and hungry so it is important that you take sufficient food and water to keep you satisfied for the day. Your daypack is going to have to be large enough to carry a decent amount of water comfortably, many of them come with a water bladder built in for this purpose and many people consider they are the best packs to buy.

Another small item that should be included in the pack is a hunting knife. There are numerous instances where a good and reliable knife will come in handy out in the field and should be one of the first things you stow.

It’s The Little Things

There is any number of small items of spare components for your equipment that you may need in the field in case of breakages or damage. You will find that the more often you go hunting the more spares you will have tucked away. A wise way to handle it is to have a dedicated part of the pack assigned to these items. It might be a couple of small pockets or a container that is tucked into a part of your pack. Batteries, bow sight fibers, small springs, twine or other spare items are all the types of things you will find you will come in handy at some point.

Possible Checklist

So is there a definitive list of equipment that you should take? Probably not, but here is an attempt at the types of items that should be considered when preparing.


Day Pack
Bow Case
Gun Case
Bow/Gun Sling
Cleaning Kit
Climbing Sticks
Game Camera
Ground Blind
Rachet Clippers
Scent Attractant
Scent Blocking Spray
Spotting Scope


Baseball Hat
Jacket – Wind/Waterproof
Long Underwear
Rain Suit
Safety Vest
Long-Sleeved Shirt
Short-Sleeved Shirt
Insulated Socks
Liner Socks
Stocking Hat
Vest – Blaze Orange

The needs of the individual are going to start to vary here. Those with plenty of experience are more than likely going to have a lot of the emergency type of equipment that may not be thought of by everyone. Things like sunscreen, sunglasses, hand warmers and hand sanitizers are the types of things that should be packed for all hunting trips.

Similarly, a first-aid kit, flares, rope, 2 way radios, insect repellent and a lighter or matches are the types of equipment that all well-prepared outdoorsmen will have permanently packed and this should be a matter of simply adding the package to the rest of the equipment.

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