How To Get Thicker Eyebrows Naturally

Not only are more people looking to get thicker eyebrows but there is a preponderance of people who would prefer to do so naturally. Exactly how natural this process may need to be is not exactly pinpointed because there are a lot of different products being sold that use natural ingredients combined with a few synthetic compounds.

Before even referencing how we might go about getting thicker eyebrows we should first of all make sure we are dealing with a possible ongoing problem. The first step that must be taken is to stop plucking, waxing or threading your eyebrows and let them return to their natural state. This will ensure the hair follicles are not in any danger of being damaged and will be allowed to repair themselves.

Once the hair follicles have been left alone they will gradually improve and become healthier again giving them the best possibility to produce thick, healthy hairs.

For most people the preference is that the bulk of the ingredients come straight from natural botanical products that have been extracted and combined to form a serum that can be painted on regularly – such as once or twice daily.

There are many examples of eyebrow growth stimulators (which promise to regrow thinning or lost hair) and conditioners (which promise to thicken the growth of existing hair) on sites such as

One of the most natural products that people have tried for thickening their eyebrows is castor oil. Does it work? Results appear to be fairly mixed and tend to come down to whether or not you already had healthy hair growth in the past. The science behind the idea of using Castor oil comes from the ricinoleic acid and omega-9 fatty acid that is present in the oil. These two acids moisturise and protects the hair to allow it to grow stronger.

Other ways in which it is possible to thicken the growth of eyebrows is to use a Vitamin E and aloe vera gel mixture. Use a few drops of the mixture and apply it to the eyebrow region, leave it in place for a few hours before rinsing it off with water.

An improved diet can also play a key role in improving the health of eyebrow hair growth. By increasing the amount of protein rich foods such as fish, lean meat, egg white, dairy products and lentils you can create a far more fertile environment for hair to grow strongly.

It is important to remember that results are going to vary from person to person because every body reacts differently and the reasons for the loss of eyebrow hair in the first place differs. Factors such as your diet and your age are also going to play a part in the results you will get. When looking for results, take into account that eyebrow hair growth is faster in the winter months.

If you have lost your eyebrows because of a disease or through treatment such as chemotherapy you should expect the rejuvenation process to take longer.

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