EJ Stoneman Station Power Plant Is Now Powered By Biomass

The conversion of a coal fired power station to a biomass plant has been completed in Wisconsin. The EJ Stoneman Station located in Cassville has a maximum generating capacity of 40MW and it is owned and operated by DTE Energy Services.

The facility is powered through burning a range of different types of wood waste including green wood residue sourced from forestry and tree trimming operations. It will also use railroad ties, demolition waste and sawdust.

The electricity that will be produced by the facility will be sold to Dairyland Power Cooperative. This is the original owner of the plant since it opened in 1951.

The conversion of the power plant from coal to biomass means that the electricity that is being produced has been turned into a renewable energy resource. The power plant will provide employment for 32 local residents and the facility will provide support for the local economy through relationships with fuel suppliers and local businesses.

This is not the first attempt to repower the EJ Stoneman Station since it closed down in the 1990s. A couple of different ideas that were planned for the power station was to build a new coal-fired power station and then there was a plan to convert it to natural gas. This would have proven more difficult because the station in located near Cassville Municipal Airport.

In 2008 the facility was bought by DTS Energy from Integrys Energy Group fully intending to burn wood waste.

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