Comfortable Slippers

There is nothing more relaxing than dragging off the work shoes at the end of a long day and slipping the feet into my nice comfortable slippers. The ultimate in luxury for the feet, Old friend slippers have to be tried to be believed. They’re sheepskin slippers but not like other types of sheepskin slippers. These ones look like the old fashioned slippers that were made years and years ago, the only difference is that the insides are incredibly soft and luxuriously comfortable.

Old Friend SlippersYou can put the comfort down in large part to the fact that the slippers are lined with sheep skin fleece and this feels extremely soft and comfortable. They wool also starts to mold itself to the contours of your feet after you’ve worn them a few times and this makes them even more suited to your feet.

But the makers of these slippers seemed to have figured out a way to ensure that the toe part of the slipper doesn’t crowd in on your toes. Some slippers can press in on your feet so that it feels as though they are being a little bit strangled. The Old Friend slippers I have provide plenty of room in that part of the foot so that although you can feel them, the sides are just wide enough to give you warmth without causing any discomfort.

I’ve heard it said that these Old Friend slippers are ideal for arthritis sufferers and people with gout have also given them their tick of approval. I can understand why this is the case. Anyone with swollen feet, who would have trouble fitting them comfortably into other types of shoes would find these slippers very comfortable.

There are a number of different models of Old Friend slippers that give you a few options to choose from. Old Friend Bootee slippers are the ankle high slippers that give you extra wide toe room. These slippers provide comfort and warmth for the entire foot and are one of the most popular types of slippers available.

A pair of slippers that is easy to slip on and off and can be adjusted to cater for swollen feet is the Old Friend Step In slippers. These slippers have a Velcro closure across the top of the foot that allows you to cater for small and narrow feet just as ably as you can for large or swollen feet. The ability to custom fit these slippers means that they will feel comfortable no matter what condition your foot is in. Note that these slippers are open toed slippers so if you are looking for a pair that will keep the ends of your toes warm you may have to look elsewhere.

Old Friend Scuff SlippersEven a pair of Old Friend Scuff slippers feel a little special thanks to the way in which the sole has been contoured to better fit your feet. Scuff slippers are the ultimate lazy man’s slipper as you only have to push your toes into them without even bending down to adjust them. But they can be made to feel even more comfortable thanks to the sheepskin lining and extra room. It even has arch support. These slippers are also available in a huge array of colors giving them wide appeal for all tastes. You can buy a new pair of Old Friend Scuff slippers for just over $35, although they are probably available for cheaper than that at a few stores.

I’m starting to sound like a sales pitch, which wasn’t my intention. Take a look at the different types of comfortable slippers, no matter whether you have trouble with your feet or you just want some luxury at the end of the day. There are many different brands of comfortable slippers available to choose from and they will provide warmth and a soft home for your feet at the end of a long hard day.

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