Can There Be Too Much Solar Power?

Is it possible to produce too much solar energy for the grid to handle? This is the possible problem facing Germany according to head of DENA, Germany’s energy agency Stephan Kohler.

The German electric grid was originally designed for far fewer consumers and a lot less producers and with the vast increase of people connecting their personal solar electric panels to the grid it is in danger of becoming overloaded.

Due to the time at which the sun is at its hottest and the correlation between that and the time when most people are out of their homes and at work, there are already power surges sent to the grid.

There has been a lot of encouragement for German citizens to take up the installation of solar power on their houses with subsidies making it an economically attractive thing to do. The fact that they are also being paid a premium price for the electricity that they return to the grid there is actually a surplus of energy being produced at the moment.

One of the more silly suggestions made by a DENA spokesperson was to cap the installation of solar panels. A more sensible solution would be to develop a more convenient way to store the power that is produced or to join the solar solution with other clean renewable energy solutions such as wind power to provide constant renewable energy generation.

There may also be a way in which the solar energy that is generated in Germany can be sent to other nations such as Denmark, Sweden or Norway and, in return, make use of the wind energy that is produced by those nations. With a little bit of cooperation and some smart organisation there should be a way in which clean power can be passed between all nations to provide a more consistent flow of power.

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