Brief Experiment Follow Up

Here’s an interesting follow up to the brief experiment I’m running to find out how difficult it will be to get posts to nondescript article sites indexed. I have already posted 2 articles to the same article site. The one I chose actually auto-accepts the posts so they were published immediately. All good.

The brief stats of this particular site were: 24,354 posts, 7,130 indexed results for a 29.27% chance that the article I post is going to be indexed if I simply leave it be.

I left it a day and then checked to make sure they weren’t already indexed, not surprisingly, neither of them were.

Fair enough, so on to my experiment. I decided I would send links from small posts made on my own blogs. The plan was to send a couple of links per day to one of the sites to see what would happen and how long it would take.

Earlier this morning I posted my two smaller articles to my site and linked back to one of the articles. The posts on my own sites were indexed almost immediately, but then, I take care of these sites with content and links on a regular basis.

Off to lunch I go which means out for my daily run. I came back and checked on Google to see if anything had happened. And, you guessed it, the post that had the links pointing at it is now indexed, the one that has been left to fend for itself is still not indexed.

There’s a pretty simple conclusion for all of you who think you are performing an effective job of article marketing. If you aren’t sending links to the articles you are posting on these article directories you could be wasting a large proportion of your time. All it took was a couple of (very) brief articles pointing at the article directory URL and my article was indexed in Google.

Naturally, I am now going to write another couple of small articles and point links at the other post too. After all, even though this was just an experiment, I would still like to ensure the second article provides some value to my site as well.

Conclusion: send links to your back link articles.

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