Awareness Of the Effects of Salt On Our Health Needs To Improve

According to a recent survey that was conducted by the American Heart Association there is a lack of understanding and education about important areas of heart health. This came to light when it was made clear that many people were unaware of a few important facts such as the difference between sea salt and table salt. It is also not understood by many people that the bulk of the daily intake of salt doesn’t come from pouring salt on our food. Instead it is found in high quantities in processed food. The report goes on to say that more people understand the health benefits of drinking wine but the quantities as a daily allowance that is considered healthy.

So, the answers to these two questions, just to clear it up if you were wondering yourself.

Table salt is sourced from the earth where it is dug up from salt mines. Sea salt, on the other hand, is sourced from sea water that has been evaporated leaving behind the salt. The taste is a little different and the sea salt may contain more trace elements due to elements that are found in the water.

As for wine, the recommended daily intake for red wine is eight ounces for men and four ounces for women. This is the amount that the American Heart Association recommends if you wanted to drink red wine as a means of maintaining a healthy heart.

A positive to have come out of the survey seems to be that a majority of people are aware of their blood pressure readings.

Find out a little more about the heart and how to keep it healthy by visiting the American Heart Association website.

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