Artificial Christmas Trees and Why I Love Them

It’s this time of the year that all the Christmas decorations start getting retrieved from their storage places around the house and sorted into which room they will be put up in. Of course, the main center of attraction is the tree and I have to admit that I simply love my realist artificial Christmas tree for a variety of reasons, which I am going to tell you about right here!

The first thing I love about artificial Christmas trees (see here for ideas: is their sheer convenience when it comes to putting them up and taking them down each year. There is no bothersome trip across town to the tree seller and the awkward cramming of the tree into a car that is way too small for the job.

There are no fallen needles to clean up in the car or in the home. And I don’t have to make another trip across town to dispose of the tree when the festive period is up, with all the same problems of even more fallen needles to clean out of the car (yet again). My artificial tree was delivered to my home for free by the online store I bought it from and it goes back into its box at the end of the Christmas break to be stores away for the next year’s festivities.

I’m not an artistic person and decorating a tree is not on my list of favorite things to do at Christmas. My artificial tree is pre-lit so I don’t have to wrestle with miles of spaghetti-like lighting cable that always manages to twist and turn itself into a bundle of very tangled hassle.

It comes out of its box, the three sections get snapped together and the base secures. Ten minutes later I’m sitting down admiring my handiwork and that’s the tree done.

My tree looks realistic enough and when it’s covered with tinsel and shiny balls and the lights are on, it could easily pass for a real one from even a close distance. So that’s why I love my tree and would never go back to the hassle of a real one no matter how good they smell or feel!

After all, Christmas is a time of relaxing away from work and away from the stresses of normal living. So it’s a time to be spent in enjoying the festive spirit and a hassle-free tree makes it all that little bit more special.

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