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Collect Silver Napkin Rings

There are many different types of items that were commonly used years ago that are not seen quite so much any more. Apart from making terrific collector items, something like a sterling silver napkin ring is probably not going to … Continue reading

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Solar Power Plant Construction Halted In the Mojave

The massive Ivanpah solar energy project, a 392 megawatt thermal solar power project that was approved for construction in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, has been halted by a lawsuit. The project has been brought against the project by … Continue reading

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Spanish Shopkeepers Fight Graffiti With More Graffiti

Have shopkeepers decided to take a “can’t beat them so we might as well join them” attitude against graffiti artists? (And I’m sorry for misusing the word artists in this case, because let’s face it, the work of the majority … Continue reading

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The Desert Nesting Bald Eagle

The bald eagle of the Mojave Desert is better known as the desert nesting bald eagle or the Sonoran Desert bald eagle and is different to other American bald eagles in a number of different ways. It is a bird … Continue reading

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